Welcome To The Minternet

Pumping out Digital Marketing like it's our job. Oh wait...

We make pictures move!

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Mint is your digital media producer.

You can decide whether to create with us or not, either way we are here to help.

We Do The Web

Customized web design and development, from the ground up.

Moving Pictures is Our Thang

Commercial video production is a load of fun. We think we get pretty MINTovative.

We make you; well, you!

Identity design can be like a mid-life crisis. Good thing Mint is here to crisp up your brand.

Mint is fresh
We strive to create fresh and unique products and match current trends.
Variety of work
Producing digital assets for youself, company, pet, or event; we do it all.
It's that "just brushed your teeth, clean feeling"
We're like the elusive Snow Leopard; we adapt to change, and man-oh-man does the web ever change!
Our goal is to entertain through our designs and productions, and entertain we shall!
Our designers absolutly love to mess with innovation, and try new eye-catching techniques.
Like most of us, we don't like messes, and tend to produce cleanly creations.
To The Point
Why bother with messy design? We get right down to the message withough any word baggage.

We have wild minds.

You could say, they're like a browser with 20 differnt windows open at all times. Always thinking!

Smart Brains
Just think if we put all of our brains together to make one GIANT, ultimate brain!

Born in Salt Lake City

Who Ever Said Bigger is Better
We like to keep the crew tight and personable.

Parker W.
Chase G.
Someone Special

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We're people too, and we don't bite. Ask us your questions!
Send us a line or two explaining your project :)